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Bacon and cheeseburger.


Delightful dish with crispy bacon and cheese on top. Burger always falls in taste. Here served on a bed of lettuce. The court contains about 8.0 gr kbh.  


2. person.

1) 600 gr meat dough.

2) 1 egg.

3) 4 tablespoons low carb flour, bake mix. (Can use cornflour if not low-carbon)

4) 0,1 liter of cold water.

5) Salt, pepper and a little aromatic flavor enhancer.

6) 100 gr bacon, checkered.

7) 4 slices of cheese.

8) 1/2 pk rocket.

9) 100 g iceberg lettuce, sliced.

10) 30 gr leek into pieces.

11) 4 pieces cherry tomatoes.

12) 2 sliced ​​yellow pepper.

13) 60 gr French dressing. Or mix a little oil, lemon juice, mustard, salt and pepper. Not too acidic.  


Start by mixing minced meat with eggs, flour, water, salt, pepper and aromatic. Make 5 equal burgers. Bake lightly on each side. Not too excessive heat, as they will be dry. Trot with butter . Bacon fried crunchy. The salad mixed, and turned into the dressing. Cheese at the end, so it melts. Burgers on the salad. Garnish with tomato. Lovely. Bread, if desired, but it will not be low-carbon.

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