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Bacon wrapped salmon fillet with cauliflower rice.


A straight rich in vitamins, proteins, fat, and fiber. Day is perfect.
Flavored with lemon and tarragon. A delight for body and soul.
The court contains about 12.0 grams kbh.
2. person.
1) 250 g salmon fillet. 2 fillets.
2) 5 slices of bacon.
3) 100 gr spinach.
4) 150 g cauliflower, grated.
5) 100 g broccoli, 4 bouquets.
7) 50g grated carrot.
7) 1 dl cream.
8) 1 tsp. tarragon.
9) 2 lemon slices.
10) Salt and pepper.
Roast spinach about 2 min. A little salt and pepper. Bacon slices laid out close together, spinach laid over half of the bacon. Salmon fillets placed on the bottom part. Salmon wrapped in bacon. Roast salmon on all sides. Baking oven set at 200 degrees. The salmon bake in oven about 8 min. Grated cauliflower boiled in water for about 5-10 min. A little salt in the water. Cream broth with tarragon, salt, pepper and a little lemon. Boiled somewhat. Broccoli steamed for about 3 min. Carrot fried in a little butter. Salmon fillet into two. May well be a little pink in the middle.

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