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Cheese gratinated fish scales.


Fish is some of what I think are the toppers to work with. Goes well with many flavors, sauces and garnishes. Here is a dish where you can show off with the fish you want. Thia dish contains about 9 gram carbs.
1) 300 gr. white or red fish fillets. The fish you want.
2) 4 slices of cheese. To gratin.
3) 6 mushrooms into cubes.
4) 4 broccoli florets into pieces.
5) 1/4 leek into slices.
7) 2 tbsp. creme fraiche.
8) 0.15 liter cream.
9) 4 slices of cured ham.
10) Salt, pepper, some garlic powder, 2 gram fresh thyme and 2 gram fresh parsley.
Steaming broccoli for 2 minutes. Frese vegetables in butter. Add cream and creme fraiche
and spices to taste. Let boil a bit so the sauce thickens. Put some sauce in the bottom of the shell, or form. Have fish cut into cubes, before the rest of the sauce drizzled and cheese laid on. Gratinated in an oven at 200 degrees for 15 min. Garnish with fresh parsley and thyme. Lovely.

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