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Chopped steak with sour cream.


Chopped steak is a dish that has been on menus across the Norway for many years. Here comes a low carbon revised edition, which may well oppgardere to a dish with fries and bearnaise sauce if you want. Here is used where entrecote steak into strips.

The recipe gives 10.6 gram carbs.

2 person.
1) 360 gram beef entrecote into strips.
2) 4 florets broccoli.
3) 1/4 red pepper. Stips.
4) 50 gram celery into strips.
5) 50 grams leek into strips.
6) 6 pcs mushrooms into slices.
7) 4 tablespoons soy sauce. Lowcarb.
8) 1/2 dl beef juice. After roasting meat.
9) Salt and pepper.
10) 2 tablespoons sour creme.
Prepare all vegetables. Start by frying the meat. Let the meet rest while frying the vegetables. The meat is added after 3-4 minutes. Blend and season with salt, pepper and soy sauce. The beef juice poured ower. Boiled somewhat.
Served with sour cream on top.

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