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English recipes.

Wok with scampi.

Chocolate mousse.

Filet, asparagus, scampi.

Panna Cotta.

Rich Chichen soup.

Low carb crisp bread.

Pork filet, mushroom sauce

Mussels soup.

Cream topped trout fillet.

Fruit Jelly with custard.


Bacon and chorizo salad.

Bacon and cheeseburger.


Spinach soup, egg and parmesan .

Bacon wrapped salmonfilet.

Pork entrecote with crispy chorizo

Entrecote steak, creamed zucchini.

Raclette burger.

Asian Fish cakes.

Success tartè.

Chopped steak.

Cheese gratinated fish scales.

Pork on omelette.

Valentines hart cake.

Steak with mushrooms

Artic cod, roe and crispy bacon.

Omelet with bacon and tomatoes.

Salmon on sour salad.

Pork filet, pepper and tomato salsa.

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