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Entrecote steak with creamed zucchini.
Does not need potatoes with such accessories. Flavorful and juicy dish.
With wine as Jacob`s Creek Merlot 2014 to 0.3 gr sugar per liter, tasted heavenly court. Here picture where steak is topped with St. Agur - blue cheese. would think the wine did not fit, but you're wrong. Perfect match.
The court contains about 16.0 gr kbh for 2 servings.
2. person
1) 350-400 gr entrecote, 2 steaks.
2) 0.2 liter whipped cream.
3) 4 florets broccoli.
4) 1 tomato, cut in 2.
5) 200 gr zucchini slices.
6) 70-100 gr mushroom, divided in 4.
7) 50 g white cheese, sliced ​​or grated.
8) 30 gr blue  cheese. Disc.

9) Salt, pepper, garlic, butter, oil.
Put zucchini in greased casserole dish. Topped with cream, added salt, pepper and garlic. Cheese on top, into the oven at 200 degrees for about 30 min. When approximately 10 minutes remaining, roast beef and mushrooms in the same pan. Let rest a litle. Frie the  tomatoes when steak is resting. Broccoli steamed for about 3 min.
Add steak on a bed of creamed squash. Topped with blue  cheese, served with tomato and broccoli. 

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