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Fruit Jelly with custard.

Low carb diets pose challenges for many.
Simple, homemade jelly with good custard.

8-10 servings:
1) 9 dl water.
2) 1 dl fun light with fruit flavor (s). (Sugarfree lemonade) 0 carbs.
3) 10 gelatin sheets.
This dessert contains 0 kbh.

With 50 g custard and raspberry 5 pr. portion, it contains approximately 2.5 gr. Carbohydrate.
Soak gelatin sheets in cold water, about 7 min. Boil 5 deciliter water, along with lemonade. Press waters of gelatin plates. Add the gelatin sheets, and stir well. Do not boil further. Add the rest of the cold water, and then poured into bowls. Let the jelly cool down i the fridge to get stiff. 

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