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Omelet with bacon and tomatoes. 

1) 6 eggs
2) 6 tablespoons. cream.
3) 50 grams onion into small pieces.
4) 120 grams of bacon, sliced.
5) 60 grams Jarlsberg. Rasped.
6) 50 grams of red pepper. Sliced.
7) 100 grams tomato. Sliced.
8) 65 grams rocket salad. 1 pk.
9) 4 tbsp. sour cream. Dressing.
10) Salt and pepper.


Whisk together the eggs and cream. Added salt and pepper, and grated cheese. Butter a pie shape. Pour the egg mixture in. Top with bacon and tomato. Bake in oven at 200 degrees until omelette is firm and nice. If you want salad, added rocket on a plate. Garnish with paprika, cucumber and dressing - sour cream. The court contains a total of 11.6 grams cbh.
73% E fat, 23% E protein, 3% E carbs. Without the salad just 6.5 grams cbh.

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