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Pork fillet with mushroom sauce.

2 persons:
1) 360 g pork sirloin. (0 gr kbh)
2) 70 gr grated celeriac. (2 gr kbh)
3) 50 gr funnel chanterelle. (0.2 gr kbh)
4) 65 gr Jarlsberg. (0 gr kbh), or other mild white cheese.
5) 35 gr shallots. (1.2 gr kbh)
6) 3 egg whites. (0.4 gr kbh)
7) 1 pc. tomato - 95 gr. (1.1 gr kbh)
8) 150 g broccoli. (2.9 gr kbh)
9) 1 dl Cream. (2.9 gr kbh)
10) 2 tablespoons low carb flour. (1.2 gr kbh)
11) A little salt, pepper mix and pizza seasoning. (0 gr kbh)
Total carbs in this dish. 12.0 gr kbh.
Wish here potatoes, use can obviously there. The court then becomes too high in kbh.
Peel onions and celeriac. Raspe both. Frie with a little oil. Cool down.
Raspe cheese. Stir together cheese and egg whites, and stir in the baking mix. Add the celery and onions in batter. Season with salt, pepper and mix some pizza seasoning. Bake in a little oil. 2 tablespoons per cake. Bake golden. The sauce: Fry the mushrooms. Add the cream, salt and pepper. Slightly sugarcolor to provide dark color. Pork filet in 6 equal parts. Bake, season well with salt and pepper. Let rest easily after cooking, while broccoli steamed and grilled tomatoes. Salt and pepper.

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