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Roasted fillet, scampi and asparagus.

This being a "surf and turf". A dish where meat and seafood combined on platter. Here with asparagus wrapped with bacon, homemade "Fake" bearnaise, and cherry tomatoes. Good flavors meet.
4 people:
1) 800-1000 gr tenderloin. Cattle.
2) 12 asparagus.
3) 2 slices of bacon.
4) 16 pcs. scampi.
5) 16 pcs. cherry tomatoes.
6) 20 pcs aroma mushrooms.
7) 2 pk mayonnaise.
8) 1/2 cup cream.
9) 1 tablespoon butter
10) 1/2 charlott onions.
11) 1 tsp. dried tarragon.
12) 12-16 potatoes.
12) Salt, pepper, oil, lemon and butter. For flavoring and roasting.
Inner fillet sizzle in pan. Place in the oven at 125 degrees to the core when 58 degrees. Then let stand for minimum. 20 min. Potatoes peeled, boiled and cooked with the very end. Salt and pepper on here. Cut 3 cm of asparagus. Rinsed, steamed lightly and rolled with bacon. Scampi cleaned. Asparagus and scampi stekes.Do not roast the scampi too much, as they will be dry and tough. The fungus is divided into two, and fried. Salt and pepper at the most. Tomatoes baked just before serving. Saute chopped onion and tarragon, before mayonnaise stirred into. Quickly boil. Not much. Season with a little lemon, salt and pepper. Butter and cream stirred into and given again a quick boil. Almost like real bearnaise on taste. 
Without potatoes, this dish is about 19 kbh. 4.75 kbh per porsj.

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