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Beef with 3 kinds of mushrooms.

Cattle tenderloin comes at times on offer. Here I got hold of well tenderized beef, almost expired date, that is when is the best. You can also use other filet here.
Essentially a low-carbon straight but add potatoes if you want. Mushrooms mushroom aroma mushrooms and oyster mushrooms are with in court.

2 servings
1) 300-360 gr cattle tenderloin.
2) 30 gr. oyster mushrooms.
3) 50 gr. mushroom.
4) 50 gr. aroma mushrooms.
5) 100 gr. broccoli.
6) 6 pcs. asparagus.
7) 1 large tomato. Approximately 90 gr.
8) 2 tablespoons sour cream.
9) 1 dl cream.
10) Salt and pepper mix.

Without potatoes contain this court about 10.0 gr. kbh. (63.0% fat, 33% protein, 4% kbh.)

Prepare vegetables for steaming. Tomato divided and is ready for frying. The mushrooms are divided into pieces. The steak is divided into 2 pieces. steaks. Fry the  steak until blood trickles on top. Turn the steak, and the same thing happens. Medium. Turned so quickly. Season with salt and pepper during the cooking. Set to rest. Tomatoes cooked in the cloud for steak. The mushrooms fried in butter. Do not salt before it is fully baked. Some pepper here too. Boil water and steam asparagus and broccoli for about 3 min. Have cream in the mushrooms, and cook quickly. Arrange me escape at toppen.Poteter desired to court if you want.



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