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Valentine heart cake.
Happy Valentines. This cake is made of almonds and coconut flakes. A cake to give your loved one on Valentine's day. Easy to make. Good taste. Valentiner celebration stems from possible celebration of the goddess Juno, who represented women and marriage. The Christian celebration, was originally a liturisk celebration commemorating the one or more early Christian saints named Valentine or Valentinus. There are at least two, a priest and a bishop. Love and romance are paramount.
1) 50 gram. almonds.
2) 60 gram. shredded coconut.
3) 30 gram. butter.
4) 30 gram Stevia sugar.
Run almonds, coconut flakes and Sukrin in a food processor. Add the butter at the very end, so the mass sits slightly. Press mass in a heart shape. Be so in the refrigerator so that the bottom sits.
Cheese cream.
5) 250 gr. mascarpone.
6) 2 tbsp. natreen sweetener.
7) 5 tbsp. lime juice.
8) 2 gelatin sheets, store bought.
9) 1 dl cream.
10) 1 dl natural yoghurt drink.


The cake contains about 24.0 grams kbh. 12 pieces - 2.0 gram carbs pcs.
Gelatine Plates added to soak for approximately 10 min. Squeeze out the water and add 2 tablespoons of lime juice. Melted over low heat. Stir together everything else. Gelatin stirred into eventually. Cheese cream is applied as the bottom. Put back in the fridge until the cake sets up well. Garnish as desired. Here with strawberries and cocoa with powdered sugar. Happy Valentines everyone.

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