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Wok with scampi.


Lowcarb platter right at the table. With vegetables and protein containing little kbh, this is a platter which can also fit into the menu for vegetarians. Have a good meal gourmands.
4 people.
1) 500 g raw scampi.
2) 200 gr mushroom.
3) 8 green asparagus.
4) 1 medium red onion
5) 1 medium yellow onion.
6) 2 tomatoes.
7) 2 garlic cloves.
8) 1 large head of cauliflower.
9) 100 g celery root.
10) 4 large broccoli florets.
11) 2 tablespoons butter
12) 1/5 dl cream.
13) Salt, pepper, a little soy sauce, fish sauce, and olive oil.
The court provides total about 38 gr kbh. 9.5 grb kbh per person.
Start by cleaning scampi. Remove the string from the back, by making a small incision in the top of scampi. Cut vegetables into strips. Asparagus is not necessary to peel, but cuts off the bottom, 2 cm of the stalk. Cauliflower and celery root, divided into pieces. Boiled tender. Saute shrimp and vegetables in oil. Not too much time, dda it will boil instead of frying. Mix in the end, and season with salt, pepper, soy sauce and fish sauce. Broccoli steamed lightly for 3 minutes. A little salt here. Cauliflower and celery root, run in a food processor, season with salt, pepper and butter. If desired, a little nutmeg.

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